In cases of damage caused by fire, our team also ensures an effective emergency response for the recovery of damages initially produced as a result of soot and smoke and later by the use of dry chemicals or water that are used in their extinction.

The damage restoration process begins with its mitigation and subsequent restoration, processes which go beyond the elimination of visible structural damage, by including actions to transform a structure and other materials damaged by smoke, fire or the elements used in fighting fire, in a clean, safe environment free from unpleasant odors.

This entire process must be agreed between the owner and his insurer. Materially and sentimentally valuable materials, as well as structural contents with minor and reversible damage are considered for the restoration process, while those irreversibly damaged or of little value must be documented and removed to facilitate restoration.

It is important that restoration processes and procedures are carefully evaluated to ensure that the goal of returning your property to its old condition, rather than replacing it, can be met. Our team will take all necessary actions to help minimize losses and inconvenience caused by fire damage, helping you and your family or business to resume a normal life and without the feeling of having lost personal assets. or forever familiar