Given the recent experience with Covid 19, Biohome Restorations is at the forefront in the sanitation service to help our recurring clients and potential new clients. Not only do we go to sanitation after the eradication of mold or other bacteriological agents, but for the peace of mind of our clients, other protocols have been incorporated consistent with the eradication of traces of coronavirus on surfaces.

Our sanitation service is characterized by the optimal combination of the appropriate products, the most efficient equipment and filters, the effective quantities and the application in the places of greatest risk or those that could usually remain out of the reach of less trained professionals.

When we carry out our sanitization work, we do not limit ourselves only to the surfaces and objects with which our clients have contact, but we extend its effectiveness to the entire environment by vaporization, using the auxiliary air conditioning system to make it reach all corners of the facilities.

In addition, to meet our objective of protecting human health, we take into account the residual effect of the products used both to extend the effect against pathogenic elements and to avoid any possibility of affecting the health of humans and pets.