Our team is the first line of response in the event your home or business suffers damage from water intrusion, sewage accumulation, and other negative water-related events. The following steps are to clean up the clutter, preserving and protecting your property and preventing further damage.

How is the Mitigation and Remediation of water damage process activated? First and foremost, your property must be covered by an insurance policy, the clauses of which include water damage. An independent Public Adjuster can represent you to make a water damage insurance claim in non-emergency situations, but if that is not the case Biohome Restorations can initiate a Mitigation process for sudden or accidental damage caused by a source within of your home or business and a process of Restoration of the consequences derived from said damage.

Whether your homeowners insurance covers water damage depends on the source of the water causing it. In cases of repairing or replacing the actual source of water damage, lack of maintenance, or flood problems, you will need to keep the following in mind:

In the first case for example, if your dishwasher caused water damage to your kitchen cabinets, your insurance company will generally cover repair costs, but will not cover dishwasher repair or replacement costs.
In the second case, your homeowner’s insurance will likely not cover water damage as a result of a faulty sink that has been leaking for several months.
In the third case, flood damage will not be covered by your homeowners insurance policy and will require separate flood insurance coverageā€.